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Other Languages


Our language courses introduce the fundamental elements of the language within a cultural context.

It focuses on accuracy and fluency with an integrated skill and strategy-based
curriculum aimed at developing the four language skills —listening, speaking,
reading, and writing.

Upon completion, students should be able to comprehend and respond with
grammatical accuracy to spoken and written skills and demonstrate cultural

Other Languages taught in PFES include but are not limited to(Please can the lines not show? Just write it in columns with no lines showing please

Afrikaans Chinese Kirghiz Mongolian Polish
Albanian Danish Latin Nepali Punjabi
Armenian Georgian Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Romanian
Bengali Hausa Malagasy Papiamento Serbian
Breton Hindi Malay Pashto Slovak
Bulgarian Hungarian Malayalam Pidgin Slovenian
Catalan Icelandic Somali Tamil Urdu
Corsican Igbo Swahili Telugu Uzbek
Croatian Indonesian Swedish Thai Vietnamese
Czech Irish Swiss Ukrainian  



Basic Course

The basic language course helps you to familiarize with everyday expressions and answer questions regarding personal details.

Intermediate Course 

The intermediate course makes sure that your vocabulary is improved and you have the confidence to converse with people.

Advanced Course

After completing the advanced course, you will easily be able read, write and get the chance to properly express yourself in a particular language.