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Whether you’re planning ahead for your summer adventure or because of your company’s business links with Italy, make it vital for employees to have some Italian Language skills.

No matter the reasons for embarking on Italian language learning, you’ll discover the PFES method to language acquisition gives you the confidence to speak Italian after just a couple of hours tuition.

Italian is classed as a “Romance” tongue, with close links to Spanish, Romanian, French and Portuguese languages – which are all based on the common form of Latin.

With the use of practical teaching methods that help retain vocabulary, and built-in voice recognition to help improve pronunciation and fluency, conversational Italian may be closer than you think.


Types of Italian Courses

Basic Course 

This course is for students who have no prior experience and are being introduced to the language for the first time.

Intermediate Course

The Intermediate Course is more advanced, where students with some prior exposure to the course are encouraged to hone their skills further.

Advanced Course

This course is the last stage and by the end of it, students are expected to be able to express themselves proficiently without any help.