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Communication & Presentation skills

It’s very crucial for an effective communicator and influencer to be able to present with confidence and professionalism. In this course, trainees are provided with live coaching on their presentation style. They’ll be trained on how to use their voice, choice of words, and body language to grow more in confidence as their skills are layered one-by-one. They will also be shown how to create a well-structured presentation and how to interact professionally with their visual aids, including PowerPoint.


Designed by a leading female trainer, this course especially benefits female professionals and covers key topics to enable them to thrive in their respective organizations and become more confident and effective communicators.


Course Methodology

Various training methods will be used throughout the course such as group discussion, trainer input, experiential learning, small group exercises, individual presentations, and also self-reflection. We use a highly interactive approach to encourage trainee engagement.


Trainees will be tasked to make a number of presentations to the rest of the group, which will be filmed (for personal use only) and used for self-reflection.


Course Objectives

At the end of the course, trainees will know how to:

  • Become a more confident and professional communicator;
  • Overcome anxiety when giving presentations;
  • Design and deliver impactful and professional presentations;
  • Implement the win-win mindset and become more assertive;
  • Control difficult conversations without guilt;
  • Utilize the four pillars of effective communication.

Target Audience

The Communication & Presentation Course is designed to benefit women  in supervisory, managerial, and leadership roles and also those who work in teams and would like to become more influential in the workplace by improving their communication. The course is necessary for women who make presentations to colleagues/clients as part of their professional role.


Target Competencies

  • Presentation skills;
  • Creating impactful presentations;
  • Controlling conversations;
  • Oral communication;
  • Conflict resolution.