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Business Writing Skills

This course offers an introduction to business writing skills which consist of drafting emails, memos, and business letters. Throughout this course, you will learn how to apply structuring and business writing techniques designed to cater to the modern business environment. The course will also emphasize on the use of simple, clear, and positive language in addressing day-to-day business activities.


Course Methodology

The Business Writing Course implements a variety of learning tools including writing activities, storyboarding, controlled experiments, and videos.


Course Objectives

At the end of the course, trainees will know how to:

  • Implement practical and modern methods for effective business writing;
  • Deliver solid conclusions via organized structure and flow;
  • Exhibit professionalism by writing in a clear, concise, and positive manner;
  • Practice basic techniques for writing effective emails, letters, and memos;
  • Apply the fundamental pillars of business writing for achieving better results.

Target Audience

The Business Writing Course caters to individuals operating in a business setting with a need to express themselves effectively through writing.


Target Competencies

  • Reading between the lines;
  • Assertiveness in approach;
  • Addressing complex situations;
  • Structured and organized thinking;
  • Etiquettes of business writing;
  • Written communication.