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Course Options

We cater to the needs of students coming to our center and all those who wish to learn via our online distant program.

We offer courses for both beginners, who want to learn a new language from scratch and advance students looking to polish their existing language skills. With native-speaking instructors and carefully designed courses, we can help you achieve your learning goals in no time.


Personalized course for just one student

Benefits of Private Classes
  • The lessons can be personalized and reflect exactly what the student needs.
  • Teachers are aware of the student’s progress, this enables them to adapt the teaching methods to their learning style and pace.
  • Students receive teacher’s full attention and an opportunity to get their questions answered directly.
  • We encourage our students to be more confident and not to allow their mistakes get in their way; especially when there are no other students around.
  • For the actual lessons, student can choose a location and time that suits them.


Personalized course for up to 3 learners per class

Benefits of Semi-Private Classes
  • Groups of 2-3 participants for more focused attention
  • More attention to individual learning styles and needs.
  • Option to choose your preferred time and location.


Groups with an average of 6 learners per class

Benefits of Group Classes
  • Interaction with other classmates can help in language development
  • Learning in a group can make the process easier.
  • Students can discuss their working methods and learn from other students.
  • Classes take place at our center based in Dubai, where we offer very convenient timings.


Instructor-led highly effective online classes

Benefits of live Online Classes
  • Flexible schedule and environment.
  • Attendance is easier.
  • Comfortable learning environment.
  • Enhanced instructor/ student time.
  • Easier to fit learning into your day.